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Why have a policy?

A key area in human resources advice and guidance is to ensure that organisations have appropriate policies and procedures in place.

A policy helps organisations to:

• Set out their own procedures and ways of working giving clear guidelines to    staff on what is expected of them
• Support line managers to manage performance
• Protect themselves against liability for the actions of their staff
• Explain how disciplinary rules and sanctions will be applied

Any procedure should be applied fairly and all staff should be made aware of the existence of all employment policies and where they can be accessed.

We have developed a suite of policies which have been consulted and agreed with local union representatives. To ensure that our policies are up to date, fit for purpose and meet legislative requirements we continually keep abreast of changes in legislation (education and employment) and all policies are reviewed annually.

These policies may be purchased either as a suite or individually with prices (which include all necessary union consultation meetings) available on request.

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